Monday, February 10, 2014

The Watcher for Proud Lion - Sherlock Series 3 Review.

Episode 1 - The Empty Hearse

Finally I return to the keyboard, hot on the heels of one Sherlock Holmes' reappearance on our screens. A welcome rebound for the infamous deerstalker-clad detective.

How did he survive the Reichenbach fall? It’s a question that’s been on all our lips since 2012 and The Empty Hearse doesn’t bury the lead! Right off the bat we are taken back to that fateful day on the roof of St Bart's Hospital and an explanation is given... or is it? 


Episode 2 - The Sign of Three

If you thought the first one was funny... well this one is a laugh a minute! It’s the day of the Watson/Morston wedding and of course Sherlock is best man - what could go wrong?!


Episode 3 - His Last Vow

Secrets, betrayal, shock and awe - it’s all in this one! A lot darker than the previous two episodes, but still manages to squeeze in a couple of laughs.

We meet the very Lecter-esque Charles Augustus Magnussen (played brilliantly by Lars Mikkelsen), the one villain who truly turns Sherlock’s stomach. 


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Cabin In The Woods

You will reach a point where you feel like you’ve guessed the endgame, think again! As everything is turned up another notch and we start to hit batshit crazy territory!...Just go and watch it fresh, hell don’t even watch the trailer and definitely avoid spoilers!

Animated Double Feature: Ultimate Spider-Man and Green Lantern The Animated Series

I’m a big kid! Just like those old Saturday mornings I woke early, ready to watch some cartoons!

Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Dreams do indeed come true, over the last few years we’ve seen the threads of the Marvel universe come together and finally we see the culmination of all of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

All that is left to say is assemble and enjoy the ride!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

John Carter Review

John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is an American Civil War veteran who is worn and weary, fed up of fighting other people's battles and is searching for fortune deep within the Arizona desert.........

In the cave he finds the gold he was looking for and so much more... Suddenly transported to a strange planet where he’s stronger and can leap for miles.......

The world he is on turns out to be Mars, or Barsoom as the natives call it and all is not well.....

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