Sunday, January 01, 2012

My IMAX Experience - The Dark Knight Rises Preview

Right from the moment I heard there was another Batman movie from Christopher Nolan coming, I’ve been hungrily hunting all possible tidbits of information around it like a ravenous zombie. So as you can imagine I may have been a tad excited to see some footage from the movie and I may or may not have already tracked down said footage and watched it online. But hey, I like spoilers and I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to see it on IMAX!

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My IMAX Experience - Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol Review

My mission if I chose to accept it. To visit our capital and experience Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol along with the Dark Knight Rises preview in a way like no other, on the massive IMAX screen. Myself and the other members of the Proud Lion Watchers Council took on this adventure. Of course the challenge was accepted, I mean does anyone ever refuse a mission?

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