Friday, February 11, 2011

My SFX Weekender

Also my first convention.
I am quite surprised it has taken me this long to go to one, and this one was only by chance!
I am an unlimited member of Cineworld Cinemas, because of this I get a monthly newsletter which usually I tend to only glance over . . . but this time I noticed something extra.  A competition for something called SFXWeekender2 you say?  What’s this?  Now during my time as a newsagent I had read many a copy of SFX while bored out of my little brain serving the masses. (a light and entertaining TV/Movie/General Sci-Fi magazine)
I had actually forgotten about entering and about a month later while I was living the general SSDD (same sh*t different day), I had a phone call from a very lovely lady called Terri to say I had won - Not only one ticket but four!! I got suddenly excited to say the least!
The organising and planning on who I was going to invite and what accommodation etc did take the wind out of my sails a little, but then the day came it was time to leave.  A long journey through towns, country roads and getting slightly lost, we finally arrived at Pontins (Yes Pontins!) Camber Sands. 
Glamorous Aint It?
Trying to find our chalet in the dark felt eerie, we wondered around much like zombies in a place that time forgot.
Actually our chalet was sufficient, it had a roof, bedrooms (with added nursing home feel plastic sheeting!) basic utilities and a tiny little TV.  Oh and don’t forget the faint waft of piss!
Decided to have a little wonder, went to the first item on our schedule – a double episode viewing of SyFy’s Alice.  A much stylised mix of the classic story and dark fantasy/science fiction. Had interesting actors and some good ideas but I can see why other channels hadn’t picked it up, I just couldn’t get away from the rest of the cast & shoddy CGI. 
I was rescued from the incredibly uncomfortable seats (like your old primary school plastic ones) by a call from my lovely wife, who had just arrived.
We had a small case of getting locked out of the chalet and was luckily rescued by Mcbain the maintenance man who nicely broke in for us to get back in!

Once in the fact we were off work and frivolities commenced – pizza, cider and crisps party time in style :-)

End Of Part 1 . . .

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