Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Further Writings for Proud Lion

Here are my next couple of articles which I have written and enjoyed for my favourite comic book store -

Please check them out!

Tron: Legacy, 23 Minute Preview.
We start with a very Eighties-style text introduction along with a short premise; Kevin Flynn has turned his experiences inside the Grid into a popular videogame – Tron. But at the height of his fame and power as head of Encom, he disappears which leaves his son Sam to grow up all alone. 

Monsters Movie Review. 
The basis of the movie is that a NASA space probe has crash landed in America bringing with it alien life forms. Six years later there is a massive section of land between the United States and Mexico sectioned off as ‘infected’. We have giant squid-like creatures roaming the land and the armed forces trying to stop them doing damage, but as always causing some themselves. 

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